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Happy New Year! New Year goals and resolutions. Greetings in vintage l ...

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healthy seeds, berries and other nutritional supplements: chia, flux, ...

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Marek Uliasz
scientist, photographer, kayaker, racer, blogger, ...

Stock photography portfolio:
Concepts in business, education, science, internet and self development.
Vintage typography. Fitness and outdoor recreation. Healthy food.
Fort Collins, Colorado and southwest.

Custom images and designs.

Webpages and blogs:
Pixels Away
Paddling with a Camera
Fitness Paddling

Words, phrases, slogans, proverbs, questions, alphabet sets, symbols, typography abstracts … I have more than 1000 pictures in my stock photography portfolio created with vintage letterpress printing blocks, a variety of fonts, both wood and metal. I am also offering custom designs.
abstract    antique    background    black    blackboard    bowl    brown    chalk    chalkboard    coffee    color    colorado    concept    copy space    font    food    grain    green    grunge    horizontal    ingredient    internet    isolated    isolated on white    letter    letterpress    macro    metal    nobody    paper    pattern    printing block    red    rough    rustic    scratched    sign    smudge    stained    text    texture    type    typeface    typography    vintage    water    white    wood    word    yellow